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We have taken the road of entrepreneurship more than 10 years ago with the belief that in services, as in all other fields, there is always room for improvement. We are focused on retail, which we have become passionate about as we discovered it better. Some of us have been working in this field, in various positions, areas and markets, for more than 20 years. Passion, understanding, enthusiasm and creativity have enabled us to develop services and solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
We have grown step by step, and each step taken and confirmed by the customer has increased our confidence and given us the energy and courage to move forward and take on new and growing challenges.
We have managed to attract exceptional, equally passionate and energetic people with whom we have been able to form and grow teams and departments that today offer retailers general contracting services, facility services and building maintenance, design and build, as well as turnkey projects.
In 2022, we achieved another of our goals – to expand the company abroad, namely in Bulgaria, where we were joined by people with special values and qualities.
We want to develop continuously, first of all on an individual level, so that we can build better teams, i.e. a better company, open to the future, flexible and proactive, able to understand the continuous evolution of the market and the needs of our customers and to offer them the best services in the field

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We unite genuine, honest and hard-working people who are eager for continuous self-improvement and who believe that tomorrow they can do things better than they did yesterday.


To continually develop as people and as a team with the aim of generating life experiences that are as beneficial as possible for our partners and their beneficiaries, as well as for the communities in which we operate.


Honesty, proactivity, creativity, continuous improvement, professionalism, responsibility, flexibility and respect are our values.


Andrei Chirițoiu

General Manager

Daniel Ene


Lyubomir Tsvetanov

Country Manager Bulgaria

Daiana Bănuță

Financial Manager

Magda Șerban

Customer Operations Manager Romania

Milena Petkova

Customer Operations Manager Bulgaria

Emilia Burlacu

Retail Project Development Department Manager

Iulian Șerban

Construction Department Manager

Roxana Șerban

Building Fitting-out & Maintenance Department Manager

Anca Moisa

Procurement Manager

Silviu Cazamon

Procurement Project Manager

Marius Cange

Construction Project Manager

Octavian Ureche

Project Manager

Vasilica Ionescu

Customer Operations Specialist Romania

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