We build more than what is asked of us. We build experiences, we build relationships because they feed us with energy that motivates us to move forward together.

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Our Why

What motivates us. What makes us go our own way.

Our Why

We believe things can be done better. In every way. We’ve been learning and developing continuously since 2010 to bring evolution to all our projects.

We come with a professional, committed, creative and proactive team, able to understand our customers’ needs and propose the right customised solutions.

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Over 300

Fit-out & AG projects

Over 600

Locations under maintenance

National coverage

What are we doing

Design & Build

We are the link that makes plans come to life, from the project stage to the actual handover to the beneficiaries.


We take care of the proper functioning of all equipment and installations, as well as the building itself, and the maintenance of the premises owned by our customers.


We take responsibility for the entire project so that it is carried out under the agreed conditions, at the agreed time and cost.


Turnkey projects based on beneficiaries' requirements, standards and budgets.



In our partnership with GDA, we found the comfort of having a well-prepared team with us, which comes with the best, most creative and involved solutions. I always appreciated the communication with them, but also the way in which they manage to coordinate all the resources involved in our projects. Last but not least, the commercial offer managed to meet our needs.

Alexandru Piron

Technical Director, Auchan

    Since April 2021, AmRest has outsourced its preventive and corrective maintenance services related to civil constructions and building maintenance works and we can safely say that we have managed to find the company that best satisfies our needs and requirements.

    With each request, we were glad to discover our partners’ professionalism and good management. It is very easy to work with them and one of the most important aspects is that they constantly work to improve the processes and services they offer.

    Within the selection process, in addition to the competitive commercial offer, we were happy to discover, within the approach they used to treat their partnership with AmRest, our main needs:

    Precision: By clearly communicating the intervention time and solving issues in the shortest time possible;

    Accessibility:: By finding a provider that has a very large coverage area, at the same time maintaining the same standard of quality and response, regardless of the area or city where we have our work points;

    Partnership: A provider that understands that our priorities must also be their priorities, at the same time observing the principle “a solid long-term partnership is much more important than a substantial short-term gain”;

    Counselling:A provider that can teach their employees in the field what should be done to avoid certain situations when there’s a need for intervention.

    Their capacity to adapt and understand various types of requests has helped us, from a beneficiary’s perspective, to apply steadfast solutions, which have supported the fast development needed for every business.
    We can easily recommend them as a sustainable and trustworthy partner.”

Francisc Mocanu

Head of Construction and Facility Management, AmRest

I met our GDA partners at a tender and then, during our collaboration, I was pleasantly impressed by their serious approach to projects and their communication with all stakeholders involved in the project, all based on a very beneficial commercial offer. I sincerely recommend them and wish them plenty of success in all their undertakings

Călin Stan

Retail Network Development Manager, Mol Romania PP

We found GDA to be a good partner for building a long-term relationship, The best thing about collaborating with them is their constructive approach, the fact that together we manage to find the best solutions for our projects.

Traian Despa

Construction Department Manager, Penny

I would say that timeliness, dependability and flexibility are the most important 3 arguments I can use in my collaboration with GDA. During our partnership, which started in 2016, all our maintenance and facility requests have been approached with engagement and have benefitted from the entire experience of our partners. We are glad to work together and we most heartily recommend them.

Răzvan-Florin Naforniță

Head of Investment, Pepco Retail

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