GDA People – Silviu Cazamon

1) We’ll start with the hardest questions: What is your name and what do you do in the group?

My name is Silviu Cazamon and I am part of the procurement department.

2) And another one too: how long have you been with the company?

I joined the company on 01.04.2021 and that makes today one year and almost three months

3) Do you remember how you came to work with GDA?


My colleague, Daniel Ene, was looking for employees, and one of the ways he tried to achieve his goal was to ask his former college professor for a recommendation. I happened to be a student of the same professor and that’s how I ended up in the interview.

4) What attracted you to GDA?

The collective, the energy and the fact that at lunchtime, we all have lunch together.

5) Is this something you found at GDA but not elsewhere?

What appealed to me most is the flexibility and openness to accept failure as part of the learning process.

6) Was there ever a time when you found it difficult?

There have been several times when I’ve had a hard time, but the most notable one so far occurred just this week. The moment when I realized that I may have taken on more responsibility than I could complete in a time frame.

7) How did you overcome it?

Well, I am concentrating on carrying out everything I have undertaken so that it does not affect the work of my colleagues in any way.

8) If you had to describe your GDA experience in one word, what would it be?

Great ?

9) Do you have an idol in your life or a person who inspires you in what you do?

Yes, David Goggins ?.

My inner spirit.

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