GDA People – Daniel

1) What prompted you to apply for a position within GDA?

    Their vision of the business, the history supporting that presented vision, and the team that built the present.

    2) What were your first impressions of GDA when you started working here?

    I remember liking the fact that it’s a serious company, constantly growing, with important clients in the retail market, with a dedicated and involved team, eager for continuous improvement.

    3) What are the main projects or achievements you feel proud of during your time at GDA?

    I put passion into every project. I feel proud of each one of them. I believe the first project is never forgotten! For me, it was Penny Slobozia. A challenging project where I learned a lot about the industry we operate in, but also about the team I collaborated with, both internally and externally. I learned what it means to meet a client’s standard and how people can be inspired to embrace that standard.

    I am particularly challenged by projects that greatly impact the community or the environment. Here I would mention our completed projects where we built 6 gas stations on the highway, but also those currently in progress, which improve the travel experience for a large number of people.

    The environment is part of our organizational culture, and we aim to have a positive impact whenever we can. One of my passion projects was installing photovoltaic panels for 12 locations of one of our clients.

    I am generally challenged by all projects that take me out of my comfort zone, that help me learn new things and develop every day.

    4) How would you describe the working culture within GDA?

    In our work culture, collaboration plays a very important role. We learn, make mistakes, take responsibility, and fix things together so that each experience becomes a learning one. We aim to maintain a positive and open working environment, with the active participation of each of us. Every success is celebrated by the whole team and becomes fuel for the next projects.

    5) What are the key aspects of the company culture that attracted you the most?

    The team, dynamics, the challenge of surpassing my limits, openness to continuous learning.

    6) How has GDA supported you in your professional development?

    First and foremost, through empowerment, by encouraging reading, especially in the area of personal development and leadership. The challenge of achieving increasingly bold objectives has been an important vector for my development.

    7) What are the aspects you appreciate the most in collaborating with your colleagues?

    We are involved and dedicated in everything we do, whether we’re talking about projects, supporting each other, learning together, finding better solutions for our clients, or having fun at the coolest team building activities.

    8) What were the biggest challenges you faced in projects and how did you overcome them?

    In the industry we operate in, many times, various changes occur, both in terms of prices, people, and delivery deadlines. All these are elements that impact the results we deliver to clients, as well as the experience they have with us. We are dedicated to building better experiences for all of us, as well as relationships to match, which is part of our culture.

    9) How do you handle difficult situations and motivate yourself in the face of challenges?

    Here I learned to seek balance before making any decision and to base everything on facts and concrete data.

    10) What is the aspect or project that motivates you the most to come to work every day?

      The feeling that we’re leaving something behind. Our relevance and impact, as well as the fact that there are projects that positively influence the lives of those around us, represent a goal that brings me joy. It motivates me to help others discover and reach their potential.

      11) Is there a book you would like to recommend?

        “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss & Tahl Raz.

        12) Do you have a motto that guides you in life?

          “The principle is to compete with yourself. It’s about being better today than you were yesterday.” – Steve Young.

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