GDA People – Milena & Lyubo

Milena and Lyubo are the soul of the team in Bulgaria. They accepted our challenge of extending the business there and they have stepped up and single-mindedly took on our business objectives.

We wanted to talk to them and find out how they experienced it all from the other side.

1) How did you end up working in the GDA group)

LYUBO: The starting point was the GDA intention of entering the Bulgarian market.  That’s how I got involved in GDA’s developmental plans, in response to the management’s call, with which I share similar views.

MILENA: Lyubo and Andrei asked me to be part of the team in Bulgaria! I just couldn’t say NO! ?

2) What drew you to GDA?

LYUBO: The vision of the management and the working environment in GDA, which is organized and balanced!

MILENA: The fact that the services and the solutions are tailored to the needs of the clients!

3) How has the GDA journey in Bulgaria been so far?

LYUBO: A great challenge. The first element was the labor shortage. Secondly, this is a very competitive field that sometimes motivates us and sometimes we spread ourselves too thin, but we are glad that, even in these conditions, we manage to find resources for the best suited solutions!

MILENA: We all start over every day. Even though we’ve had similar experiences in the past, now we have the experience of the retail service, which challenges us and puts our abilities to find new solutions to the test. These 5 first months at GDA Services Bulgaria went by so fast. I am in a continuous learning process: about enterprise in general, maintenance, and turnkey projects.

4) What has been the biggest challenge?

LYUBO: For me, the biggest challenge has been to find committed and reliable individuals to build the team in Bulgaria! Another challenge has been to build a successful Start-up and to stabilize the company in Bulgaria, in organizational and financial terms, and to create a reliable brand on the Bulgarian market. 

MILENA: Adapting to an ever-changing business environment and a timely response in crisis situations.

5) How have you managed it?

LYUBO: By persistent engagement and accepting every new professional challenge!

MILENA: Through team work!

6) What motivates you every morning to leave for work?

LYUBO: Estimating the final result, the dynamics and diversity of activities, and the team we put together, all these make us keep going!

MILENA: Never Stop Learning! ?

7) If you were to describe your experience in GDA in one word, one would that be?

LYUBO: Dynamics!

MILENA: Respect!

8) What would you say to those interested in being part of the GDA team?

LYUBO: If they want a dynamic and interesting professional life, working in a professional environment that is fair to clients, colleagues, and partners…gather your best thoughts and ideas and come to GDA! 

MILENA: At GDA you will feel safe, empowered, and valued! You will have a sense of belonging and the possibility to progress in your career!

9) Who inspires you?

LYUBO: Andrei, Daniel…our colleagues in Romania, who have managed to build a solid company, with strong growth prospects. Our colleagues in Bulgaria, who have understood that we are the only ones responsible for our success here! 

MILENA: I have been inspired by highly qualified individuals from the start of my career. Professionally, but also personally, I try to motivate myself by enjoying what I do!

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