The people of GDA – Andrei Chirițoiu

1) How did the GDA dream come about?

Out of the belief that things could always be done better, no matter what, but especially in the service sector, where human qualities weigh more than material qualities. And by this I mean that a better communication with the customer, a promise kept, a proactive attitude towards the customer cost a lot less than an investment in creating a product that is better than another.

2) What have been your objectives since the beginning? Is GDA today the way you have imagined it?

I set out to build a company where everyone would come to work aware of the fact that they all work for themselves and that the success, progress, and prosperity of each of them depend on the results of the entire team.

I started just as an apprentice and I made a promise to myself to learn continually from the people I interact with – customers, suppliers, banks, authorities and use everything we have learned so we can provide services at the highest possible level of quality.

And yes, GDA today is more than I have imagined, because now I can actually feel and live it, not just dream it.

3) What have been some of your most beautiful moments at GDA?

There have been so many. But there is one that happens several times a week and that is lunch at the office with my colleagues ?

We all appreciate it because we get to talk, share and forget for a while all our concerns about projects and remind ourselves to enjoy every experience, our colleagues, all that is important to all of us.

4) I imagine you have had some difficult moments. Can you tell us more about one of them?

We’ve had so many of these, too many, and tough, but I don’t want to talk about them. I strongly believe that we shouldn’t hover too much over the past. That’s not where we are headed.

Each obstacle has been an opportunity to learn for us. This has helped us become who we are today, it has made us stronger and more experienced.

5) What made you keep going?

On the one hand, the desire to succeed, to exceed my own expectations, to grow, and the belief that you lose a battle only when you stop fighting. On the other hand, it was the commitment made to the customers, colleagues, suppliers, and banks. As an entrepreneur, if you give up, it doesn’t just affect you, but also the rest of the people that have been by your side one way or another.

6) What motivates when you face difficulties?

The team and why we do what we do.

7) Where do you wish to see the company?

I wish it continues to grow so that a lot of people can enjoy the benefits it provides, employees, as well as customers, suppliers, and authorities.

8) If you were to convince an employee to join your company, what would be the strongest argument you would use?

If I see they are eager to learn and grow, I would tell them about why I believe this is the best environment to grow to their full potential and do it while enjoying themselves.

9) And what if you were to convince a customer?

I would tell them that once we have agreed on a collaboration, we deliver what we promise, regardless of anything that might happen, no matter if we stand to win or lose – if we got the order wrong when we signed the contract, this is our problem, not the customer’s. This way, we not only gain a customer, but also the experience of our mistakes. ?

That’s how we came up with our slogan that backs our philosophy based on building better experiences every day – Building better experiences.

10) Do you have an icon or a person that inspires you in what you do?

I would rather mention one of my favorite authors, Napoleon Hill. He has helped me better understand the mentality of being an entrepreneur and I cultivate this each day.

I would highlight his vision with a quote that has changed the way I go about business and life in general: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill.

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